Emmanuel Esposito

University of Milan and IIT
Email: emmanuel [at] emmanuelesposito [dot] it


Room 7023

via Celoria, 18

20133 Milan, Italy

I am a PhD Student in Computer Science at LAILA, University of Milan.

My supervisor is Prof. Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi.

Research interests:

  • Online Learning and Multiarmed Bandits
  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Statistical Learning Theory


Sep 22, 2023 Our paper ``On the Minimax Regret for Online Learning with Feedback Graphs’’ (arXiv) has been accepted as a Spotlight at NeurIPS 2023! See you in New Orleans.
Sep 12, 2023 Our ICML 2023 paper has been accepted at EWRL 2023. See you in Brussels!
Sep 8, 2023 I’ll be visiting the University of Amsterdam.

Recent publications


  1. NeurIPS
    On the Minimax Regret for Online Learning with Feedback Graphs
    Khaled Eldowa, Emmanuel EspositoTommaso Cesari, and Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi
    To appear in NeurIPS ’23, 2023
  2. ICML
    Delayed Bandits: When Do Intermediate Observations Help?
    Emmanuel Esposito, Saeed Masoudian, Hao Qiu, Dirk van der HoevenNicolò Cesa-Bianchi, and Yevgeny Seldin
    ICML ’23, 2023


  1. NeurIPS
    Learning on the Edge: Online Learning with Stochastic Feedback Graphs
    NeurIPS ’22, 2022